Netflix’s New Stephen King Horror Movie Makes ‘IT’ Look Tame

2017 is definitely turning out to be Stephen King’s year. 

His 1980’s novella The Mist has been adapted into a currently airing TV series with the same name, whilst the terrifying remake of his 1986 novel IT is hitting theatres later this month, with an onslaught of positive reviews already secured under its belt.


Thank to Netflix, another one of King’s novels will be getting the big screen treatment this month, and the trailer definitely looks intense. Whilst we would expect nothing less from the king of horror, there were a few points where we wondered how on earth anyone could possibly sit through anything so creepy.


Titled Gerald’s Game, the story focuses on a couple who, during a cheeky trip to an abandoned cabin in the woods, decide to spice up their sex life by adding in some handcuffs.

However, things take a terrifying turn when, after handcuffing his girlfriend to the bed frame, the man has a heart attack and keels over, hitting his head on the ground and dying almost immediately in a pool of his own blood  – leaving his girlfriend unable to escape from the bed.

geralds-game-carla-gugino-slice-600x200 (1)

The trailer shows what can only be described as a psychological spiral of hellish hallucinations and mind games, as the wife struggles to escape. Several sinister beings appear to haunt and taunt her whilst she remains trapped, but it soon becomes unclear as to whether they’re just her imagination or realer than she thought …

Gerald’s Game is set to hit Netflix on the 29th of September, just weeks after IT is released in cinemas on the 8th. The film stars Carla Gugino (Spy Kids, San Andreas) and Bruce Greenwood (I,Robot, Endless Love).

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