Here Are 17 Times That Being A Parent Was An Absolute Nightmare. LOL, #5… I Would Get Out The Hose.

Being a parent can be a wonderful, life-fulfilling blessing. It can also be a huge pain. Most kids are messy, but some kids have a PhD in “making your life a living nightmare.” Here are 17 times that kids excelled at creating parenting nightmares that were absolutely epic. If you don’t have kids yet, they’ll make you thankful you don’t. And if you do? Well… you’ll know the pain these parents are feeling right about now.

1.) The time this kid wanted to make a pretty picture.

2.) The time this little girl wanted to help decorate.

3.) The time this little girl refused to let her parents sleep.

4.) The time this iPad got treated to a slobberfest.

5.) The time these kids tried to help their parents paint.

6.) The time this little girl wanted to use the big potty.

7.) The time this dad discovered his son had really good aim.

8.) The time this little guy found the vaseline.

9.) The time this boy found the open bag of flour.

10.) The time this baby wanted to interrupt a Soup marathon.

11.) The time this little girl practiced putting on her nightmare makeup.

12.) The time this baby ruined a birthday cake.

13.) The time these boys wanted to help bake.

14.) The time this baby just wanted seconds.

15.) The time these two went exploring.

16.) The time this little girl tried spaghetti.

(H/T BuzzFeed) I feel sticky just looking at these photos. The most important advice any parent should hear? Buy wet wipes. Lots and lots of wet wipes. Kids are awesomely ridiculous sometimes… share these disasters with others by clicking the button below.

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