20 Perfectly Timed Photos To Fill You With Satisfaction

It turns out timing isn’t just the secret to good comedy. As these photos show, a click at the right moment can turn something pretty ordinary into something fairly spectacular…

1. Now, it’s a perfectly timed photo. In two seconds, it’s a soaked and angry girl…


2. Very intimate for two people who have probably never met


3. And those conspiracy theorists say it never happened!


4. This isn’t some hideous mutation… just a conveniently placed fish.




6. Please don’t try and put any weight on that…


7.  An intimate moment between Obama, and a mysterious orb of light…






10. One seriously cool eagle.






13. This looks like the result of a horrific accident more than anything else


14. And this one must be somehow staged…


15. The moon gets around eh..


16. It was obviously just meant to be


17. Whale hello there..


18. If anything could make us believe in alien life, it’s this.


19. This looks like the face we make on a Friday..




(via The Hook Mag)

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