A Dyslexic Artist Is Able To Create Some Awesome Portraits From Just Scribbles.

Vince Low works hard. As an illustrator in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, he worked his way up from a designer to a creative group head. Currently, Low is the Head of Illustration at the Grey Group Kuala Lumpur. In his younger days, Low had a very hard time with dyslexia. He persevered in spite of his disability, and now works on campaigns to raise awareness of the condition. (Not to mention his drawings are fantastic.) Low’s style is very unique in that he uses a form of scribbling to capture his subjects. He creates order from chaos, giving his work a unique kind of beauty that can’t be copied. Check out a few of his portraits of famous musicians and movie characters.

(H/T: Design You Trust) I wish my scribbling looked that good. Don’t forget to share this post on Facebook by clicking below.

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