10 Extreme Celebrity Pets

1. Steven Tyler’s raccoon

Steven Tyler has always walked to his own beat and he has been a bit eccentric. This would include the pets he had in his younger years. On the Monday night show of David Letterman, Steven Tyler shares that he once had a pet raccoon when he lived in Yonkers.

A pet raccoon isn’t something considered normal and we wondered how anyone could actual get a raccoon domesticated as a pet. Calling around Los Angeles pet stores we found out raccoons aren’t sold at pet stores, but there are independent breeders who raise certain types of raccoons for household pets. This isn’t illegal and definitely can be a perfect pet if raised properly. In fact in Los Angeles, California there are over 3 dozen celebrities known to have a pet raccoon.

2. Vanilla Ice’s wallaroo

Remember Vanilla Ice? Oh, yeah! Remember when his Wallaroo escaped? No, we didn’t either. We haven’t heard much about Vanilla Ice’s musical career lately but he did get some attention when his Wallaroo escaped in 2004. Wallaroo’s live for about 20 years, so we assume they are still together.

Wallaroo is a large stocky kangaroo with a broad chest. The muscular body is held more vertically and they also hop more upright than other kangaroos and wallabies.

3. Salvador Dalí’s anteater

Salvador Dalí had a thing for anteaters. They made for good schtick, especially in Europe, and Dalí never saw schtick that he didn’t like.

And yet maybe there’s something a little more to this picture taken in Paris, in 1969. Maybe there’s some kind of symbolism, or even a playful tribute, taking place in the photo above.

4. Michael Jackson’s chimpanzee

Bubbles (born 1983) is a common chimpanzee, known for being the one-time companion animal of American recording artist Michael Jackson, who bought the primate from a Texas research facility in the early 1980s. The animal was a frequent travel companion to the singer, whose attachment to the animal led to media mockery and, among other factors, a public perception of Jackson as eccentric.

Bubbles was initially kept at the Jackson family’s home in Encino, Los Angeles, but was moved to Neverland Ranch in 1988. In 2004 Bubbles was moved to the Center for Great Apes, a sanctuary in Wauchula, Florida, where he has lived since 2005.

5. Paris Hilton’s kinkajou

These animals are native to Central and Southern America, with territories ranging from Mexico to Bolivia. They are currently threatened by increased deforestation and human encroachment on their territories – so surely the last thing they need is to be sought after by impulsive celebrities who have no idea how to care for them properly.

However, this was the fate of Paris Hilton’s pet kinkajou Baby Luv, who famously bit her arm at a Hollywood party back in 2005 – a cry for help, perhaps?

6. Elvis Presley’s wallaby

Elvis Presley, collector of dogs, pigs, chickens, geese, goats, turkeys, and more, sincerely tried to tame a wallaby as a pet when he received one as a gift from his Australian fans in 1957.

After repeated attempts at training it, he finally gave up and donated the poor animal to the Memphis Zoo. Apparently, he got his hands on another wallaby, because sometime in 1962, he donated a second creature to the same zoo.

7. Kristen Stewart’s wolf dogs

Hollywood actress Kristen Stewart has an unusual pet – a wolf-dog hybrid, which she has named Jack. “This is my pet; this is Jack. He’s our oldest male. I know he looks kind of scary, he’s a wolf. He’s really sweet, he, like, falls at my feet,” Kristen said.

“They (pet sellers) told us he was a wolf. I don’t know what kind of wolf he is. They are wolf-dogs; they are hybrids. It’s my mom’s deal. Maybe it was a bit of empty nest syndrome, she wanted more children – because they really are hard to take care of. She likes them. Wolf hybrids are legal,” she added.

8. Tippi Hedren’s lion

While Melanie Griffith was in high school in the 1970s, she and her family owned a pet lion (seriously). Griffith’s mother Tippi Hendren and stepfather Noel Marshall decided to make a film about big cats after a trip to Africa, and an animal trainer encouraged them to welcome a lion into their home in order to gain a better knowledge of what they’re actually like.

The result was a male lion named Neil who resided with Griffith’s family. Their life with Neil was well documented by Life magazine, which revealed the family’s everyday life.

9. Mike Tyson’s tigers

If you don’t believe that Tyson actually owned tigers, you only need to watch his cocaine-addled cameo in The Hangover for proof of his tiger love. The purchase of three white Bengal tigers Tyson owned for about a year was extravagant to say the least, each tiger costing $70,000 to own, and an additional $200,000 in food. That’s over $1500 a day in tiger chow!

Tyson also hired an animal trainer at the cost of $125,000 a year to take care of them whenever Tyson was in Las Vegas. He eventually sold them in favor of pets that were less costly to own like pigeons.

10. Nic Cage’s cobras

He bought castles in England and Germany, an islands in the Bahamas, a Tudor mansion in Los Angeles and a cottage near Glastonbury, Somerset — one of the few he’s hung on to. Between 2000 and 2007, Nic reportedly bought four luxury yachts, including one for $10million called Sarita, which had 12 master bedrooms.

But perhaps his most bizarre purchases were two rare albino King Cobras, called Moby and Sheba, and a 67-million-year-old dinosaur skull.

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