Baby starts bickering with dog. Dog gives him a mouthful that has Internet in stitches

Do dogs understand us when we’re talking to them? Can they sense what we’re feeling just by giving them a certain look? It certainly feels like they can at times.

Even though babies and dogs can’t talk — this baby and dog duo sure seem to be saying a mouthful to one another.

Mom picked up her phone and started filming when she realized her baby daughter and her dog were arguing with one another. It was almost as if the baby was speaking ‘dog, ‘ or the dog was speaking ‘baby’ — either way, it’s super funny.

The little infant girl doesn’t seem to be having the best day in the world. Apparently, neither is the dog — he seems very irritable. He sits on the couch listening to his human sister throw a hissy fit. Either that, or he’s just trying to comfort her — we’ll never really know.

As soon as the baby begins fussing and whining — the dog immediately chimes in for a hilarious response.

The dog, not wanting to move from his comfy spot on the couch, will make his voice heard by letting out a ‘woof’ for every whine that comes from his sister. His patience is clearly being tested — as it usually is when you have siblings in the household.

If his baby human sister lets out a little noise, the dog will mimic that same little noise. If she lets out a bigger cry, the dog’s cries just get louder and longer too.

According to Animal Planet, studies show that the average dog can understand about 165 different words. But after watching this video, it’s safe to say that the can understand the inflection and pitch of people’s voices too. Like a baby’s!

Whether or not the dog is trying to comfort the infant, or is totally annoyed by her, the moment that was caught on camera is way too funny not to share.

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Source: YouTube

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